Amazon Kindle DX 3G Wireless 9.7″ eBook Reader

  • MilitsaG
  • February 22, 2013 2:28 pm
  • Trends

Reading books is a very interesting hobby and at the same time it broadens the knowledge you have. Having a rich dictionary with many words helps in every situation – you can prove anyone your point, your view of the things, because you hold the power of words. Books are a great way how to be strong, because knowledge is exactly that – being strong. The more you know, the better it will be in your future. You can show people your abilities, you can win easier any job contests or other competitions you might enroll in.

There is no better way than doing this by reading books. Of course, reading should be a hobby. That means an activity that you actually do with desire and willingness. It should be interesting and engaging.

It has been a few years since some new technologies have entered the market offering a new way of reading. Ebook readers are a really great example of it. Carrying a heavy book around is not an easy thing to do. Carrying ten books around with you is even harder. However, the ebook readers makes it possible for you to carry more than ten, more than hundred of different books around with you.

The Amazon Kindle DX 3G Wireless 9.7″ eBook Reader Pearl Technology (Graphite) 3G comes with a high contrast of the screen. Any image inside the ebook is going to be perfectly visible together with the text that is going to be clear and really easy to read. This is also possible because of the significantly larger screen size – 9,7 inches. The display offers the possibility to read in sunlight without any problems, because there will be no glare on the screen.

You can also get any book you desire within seconds, because there is a free 3G Wireless. You can get any book wirelessly delivered to you. This device can carry more than 3 500 books. This is a really great amount of books, which of course is impossible to carry with yourself if there was not such device as the ebook reader.  The Amazon Kindle DX 3G Wireless 9.7″ eBook Reader Pearl Technology (Graphite) 3G is an amazing device that anyone enjoying reading books should have. The battery can last up to a week  with only one charging of it. This is really incredible and useful.

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