Android Tablet review

  • MilitsaG
  • January 29, 2013 10:23 pm
  • Trends

Mobility is essential for people in the 21st Century. Employees of big companies whose job requires traveling need their phones and tablets, laptops and other devices in order to do their job correctly. Students in universities need their tablets to use applications for educational purposes. There are also ebooks, which could be read on your phone, tablet, laptop. There is no need to be at home in order to study, work or just read for fun. You can be anywhere.

The Android Tablet is preferred by many people in their everyday activities. It has many features. The size of the screen is 10 inches, which is perfect for carrying it around in your bag and using it for browsing, playing games, reading, enjoying applications, etcetera. It is just the best choice, because it offers all features as a phone, but with a bigger and nicer screen. The screen features also multi point touch. It has a full support of 720P HD encoding and partial support of 1080P encoding. Another feature is the presence of 2D and 3D graphics acceleration. The ARM Cortex processor is 32 bit embedded.

You can also enjoy a long battery life. With normal usage it lasts 5 hours. If it is on standby it could last even up to 48 hours. There are on/off key, Reset key, Return to menu key and volume key. It is made ridiculously easy to use, extremely enjoyable, because of all the good characteristics. There is a Micro SD Card slot giving you the possibility to increase your storage. The normal capacity of the tablet is 16GB.

The camera is perfect for capturing every special, unique moment of your life. It is easy and fast to make any picture you want. The presence of WIFI lets you share the pictures, videos or any other media with your friends.

Enjoy countless hours of fun with the Android Tablet. Use it at any place you want – the near café or during a bus trip. Be with your friends no matter where you are. This tablet makes sure of it.

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