Apple Ipad Mini review

  • MilitsaG
  • January 17, 2013 12:18 am
  • Trends

The long awaited Apple Ipad Mini is out on the market. Just the brand name Apple is enough to bring thoughts as outstanding design, fast performance, great features and many apps to choose from about this new product. It was released in October 2012. It has not been many months since the release date but many people out there are enjoying the new amazing features of this modern device.
As the name “Mini” says this product is less in size compared to normal sized Ipads. They are usually known for being large in size, 9.7 inch screen and also really expensive. The Mini model offers more ease to use because of its less size. It makes it more comfortable to hold. It fits in the hand.
Cutting off the size though does not mean reducing the great features. It is still having a really great looking screen design and a really fast performance of the system, together with a stylish outlook and perfect size.
It also features FaceTime HD camera and iSight camera. Another great feature is that communications are really easy, fast and stable with the Apple Ipad Mini because of the dual band Wi Fi. This Wi Fi is twice faster than the ones used in previous Apple Ipads products. It makes downloading pictures or streaming videos a piece of cake without any long waiting. At the moment you decide you want to enjoy some good movie or show a friend a picture you saw on the internet, you would be able to do that with ease.

There is also the so called Retina display. This makes the experience of using this new amazing product an unforgettable nonrepeatable addictive activity. It will make it impossible to take your hands and eyes off of it.
There are over 275 000 apps which come together with the Apple Ipad Mini. All of them are full screen and make it possible for you to achieve anything you might have wanted to try on this new device.
The display size is 7.9 inch. It is perfectly sized to not cut off from the amazing view it could offer but at the same time be not that large and easy to use and enjoy in your daytime activities.

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