Apple iPod classic 80 GB Silver (6th Generation)

Born in silver as compared to the traditional white body cover that graces similar products, the Apple iPod classic 80 GB are the most current in the brand of the celebrated devices. It promises, delivers, and is an all round better performer of the iPod brand as opposed to its predecessors. It provides an elegant feel, far from the usual, that will impress shoppers. The screen is a 2.5” color LCD, with an LED backlight of 320×240, 163 ppi. This offers better resolution and avoids the need to strain to see the small characters.

The 80 GB classic is not just another pretty iPod; it is also smart. It uses an improved MacOS X Leopard interface that was from the operating system version X used in the iPhone. A brilliant feature is the cover flow option used to select albums. This makes it more fun and fascinating in selecting your favorite ones. As a bonus, Apple has added three free games; these are iQuiz, Klondike, and Vortex, which give you a feeling of enjoyment anytime, anywhere when playing, not forgetting it offers the best picture quality.

Arguably the biggest points on the Apple iPod 80 GB classic are the storage capacities and looks. Rivaled only by its 160 GB sister; this model houses up to 20,000 songs and 100 hours of video. Apple has abandoned the previous white or black polycarbonate fronts, for earlier models in favor of the thinner silver anodized aluminum front, and a stainless steel back case.

Your iPod may also be used as an external storage device. This enables you to transfer your data onto it as well as move them from one PC to the other. It makes it simple and hassle-free to move all your digital tunes or special assignments from work or school. All in all, the Apple iPod classic 80 GB; are an elegant touch from the skunk works of Apple’s creative team, and Apple fans won’t be disappointed. This is without a doubt the convenient media player to purchase, should you be in search of a top of the range device that offers performance and style.

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